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Question: Best Funny Poem gets best answer!?
It has to be about, Robots, seahorses, or a baby ant!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Best Answer - Chosen by Asker:
Oh, Hey you little baby ant,
Why, oh why are you taking a rant!.
Never ever, have I seen such a thing,
When you scream and shout and do your crazy thing!

You make me mad, so mad I cannot say,
When you cry and yell, complaining about your pay,
You say more money for me, I'm baby ant,
But what you don't see is that you really can't!

When taking another strop one day,
Baby ant went out to play,
When he was screaming and yelling out flat,
He was to busy to notice the shoe, SPAT!

It sounds like the kind of poem a 7 year old would write, but oh well, It was fun! X

S!. Buchan (Scottish chick) 2008Www@QuestionHome@Com

Artificial Indolence ?

My mum is such a silly moo
she always tells me what to do
I get so bored of having chores
like cleaning rooms and sweeping floors
or making beds and brushing stairs
these are the jobs I just can’t bear
and so, one day, I took some bolts
tin cans and screws, a thousand volts
electric wires and circuitry
I made a metal boy like me
a robot who would do the work
I’d always done my best to shirk
he clunked and clinked and clanked a bit
but housework - he was good at it
my bed was made, my room was clean
he really was a great machine
I slept in late and watched TV
whilst he cooked breakfast, lunch and tea
and in return for all his toil
I fed him high-grade engine oil
But one day I returned from school
to find he’d done no work at all
he’d wasted the entire day
in chatting with the microwave
(whose real name, I’m told, is “Dave”)
in playing Wii with “Tom” TV
and playing cards or climbing trees
I shouted: “get upstairs to bed
I’ll do it all myself instead!”
but then I froze, for I’d become
precisely like my poor old mum!

the moral of this verse is plain:
I’ll scrap this ‘bot and try again

Paul Hughes 2008


baby baby oh baby
i am a baby who simply rants!.
guess what is my parentage or animalage!?Www@QuestionHome@Com