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Question: Where can I read some really good poetry!?
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Write some of your genuine
heart felt meaning ones ,
so that all of us can share!.

I Know your capabilities,
You can write them anywhere!.
You can send me some,
Too, If you should so wish!.

I Know how talented you are,
And these I would not miss!.

I wouldn't call the following entree "really good poetry" but you see, when I write really good poetry, people stay away in droves, and avoid admitting what is obvious to any reasonably intelligent person!. Hence this doggerel which better suits the moment!. It doesn't pay to drive the Bentley in the barrio unless you are looking to lose your hubcaps!.!.!.

(In reply to Tears of a Clown)!.

It is a strange coincidence, but yes we have one too
He rants and raves and hops about but then that's nothing new
He likes to screech at visitors as if he e'er could speak,
I must admit his sense of language is a bit unique!.
And yes he also has a strange and vaguely human form
And though his grunts and mutterings lie quite far from the norm
I know he likes to think himself one who communicates
But really 'tis about the most inane things that he prates!.
He tried to type a sentence once or so I have been told
But surely that is folly, sir, the joke is now quite old
As old as precious Judy, the mutt who keeps him warm
When he is trying o' so hard to take a human form!.
He mates with her, the story goes, but who can know for sure
Just think of the embarrassment they would have to endure
A monkey boy and his old mongrel might just lay in sin
You'd think for heaven's sake that they were cousin lovin' kin!.
But she is just an old tired dog, and he is but an ape,
And they are great stars of the zoo, so sir I mustn't jape,
When he piles high his steaming load of wisdom and surmounts
His new fly-specked creation for his sermon it amounts
The wisdom given from on low by one who must declaim --
He's just another horse's a$$, no need to give his name!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

My friend's blog section on her MySpace!.


in your dreams or my profile
choice is ursWww@QuestionHome@Com