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Question: Americans, how does this poem make you feel!?
What would you do if bombs filled our sky!?
Would you make one last phone call,
would you ask yourself why!?

What would you do if you heard screams in the streets!?
Would you hook up with friends,
or hide under your sheets!?

What would you do if your home was bombed!?
Would you just buy another,
Would that make you feel calm!?

What would you do if your family was killed!?
Would you go on a hike!?
Would you pay your bills!?

What would you do if your freedom was taken!?
Would you give in to slavery,
would you feel forsaken!?

What WOULD you do if this poem was real!?
If we lost all our rights,
how would you feel!?

Best Answer - Chosen by Asker:
it makes me feel like fighting to the death against any one who tried to invade my freedomsWww@QuestionHome@Com

I'm English, an ex-soldier and travelled around a fair bit for a decade or so!. Most Americans I met were very generous spirited people who thought the world of their own country yet seemed surprisingly naive about the way they themselves are perceived in many other parts of the world!. I also got an impression that a lot of Americans feel that the whole world somehow aspires to the 'American Way' when in actual fact all most of them want is the material goods - they see America as a hedonistic hell full of gun toting, burger munching rednecks!. Sorry!

My own personal take on it is that the American Media is an abomination, Hollywood in particular, taking liberties with historical facts and national identities for their own purposes!. The average knowledge of the world outside the USA as displayed by nearly all the Americans I have met is almost nil!. The people though, are kind, generous and enthusiastic!. A strange mix!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

what would you do if I set your flag on fire!?
would you cry!?
would you buy another!?

what would you do if I took away your cheese burgers!?
would you lose weight!?
would you commit suicide!?

what would you do if I laughed at your brainwashed patriotism!?
would you stamp your feet!?
would you laugh too!?

what if I'm poor and need a kidney transplant!?
would I die!?
would I move to another country with free healthcare!?

what would you do if bombs actually did drop on your homes!?
would you wait for years than turn up late and gloat forever!?
would you come right away!?

what would you do if I gave you a gun!?
would you shoot your mother!?
would you shoot yourself!?

what would you so if I taught you to read and write!?
would you ignore it!?
would you continue to bastardise another man's language!?

what would you do if you realised you weren't actually free!?
would you move away!?
would you call me a liar!?

what would you do if I laughed at your government!?
would you agree and shake my hand!?
would you tell me I have bad teeth!?

what would you do if I made your black friend sit alone!?
would you disagree!?
would you hate me!?

what would you do if I ignored your gay sister!?
would you in turn ignore me!?
would you choose the flag over her anyway!?

come let's burn it together so we can all be free!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Too much fear-mongering these days!. What would you do if people just ran their own lives, instead of trying to do, say, represent and confront society with only what THEY FEEL is best for others!?Www@QuestionHome@Com

it makes me feel like I would not want to belong there!.!.!. like it is some forsaken hell and all would parish!. It makes me feel dead, empty, lost!.!.!. Www@QuestionHome@Com


sad and madWww@QuestionHome@Com