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Question: Linguini Night - comments or suggestions please!?
Linguini Night
(The Way Things Used to Be)

The olive oil is heating in the pan
when Lesley and the kids come home from school!.
“Linguini!” they all shout!. Ben hits the can

to snitch a clam or two!. “You know the rule!”
I say in my most teasing, gruffest voice!.
I put the onions and the garlic in

and Kayla claims the salad dressing choice!.
“The clams are for the sauce!” I say again
as Ben tries once again to pilfer one!.

Nattie volunteers to grate the cheese
as onions turn translucent, garlic brown!.
“No knuckle-meat in there this time, please!.”

I’ve poured the clam juice into the sauté;
the kitchen smells exactly as it should!.
“We want the pasta to be al denté,

so wait about ten minutes; that is good!.”
Nattie makes the garlic bread while Kay
chops up the parsley; it is fresh!. “Hey Dad,

we have the stuff that’s in the jar, so may
we use that instead, it’s not so bad!.”
“It’s not so bad” I say, “but not tonight!.”

I put the clams and pepper in the sauce!.
“This is a special day, a special night!.”
I add the parsley and the cheese and toss

the pasta in!. Nat puts the music on!.
Ben lights the candles, softens the lights, and Kay
asks, “What so special, Dad, what’s going on!?”

“Well,” I said, “it’s Wednesday!”

(I can't remember if I have posted this one yet or not!. If so, I'm sorry for being repetitive)

Best Answer - Chosen by Asker:
Repetitive or not (don't recall seeing it before) it's excellent!. Memories are indeed marvelous!. Treasure them!.

(You sound as if you know your way around a kitchen! Bravo!)Www@QuestionHome@Com

I've not read it!. I like! Makes me hungry!. I like the way you separated the stanzas -- some are sentences, while others aren't complete until the next stanza!. Interesting!. Www@QuestionHome@Com

Very clever, very nice!.Www@QuestionHome@Com