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Question: Is this poem good!? Written in about a minute!?
I honestly just wrote this without thinking about it!. Every sentence I just wrote right away!. So I was wondering if it is good even though I didn't try!. Be honest just not too harsh or anything I'm only 15!. Thanks!

My heart is a contagious figure
When it is close to one I love it spreads like an uncontrollable disease
I've given people my thoughts and words
I have given people my love
I stand here today knowing who I am
I would not take anyone back that my heart was once at
I will not be that desperate
I am strong
These people, these memories are sold out
I am better without them
My heart will go on to new and better people
People I will always care for is what I do not know
For I thought I knew before
But for now it is what it is
And my heart is shared with few close and loved ones
I like it that way
If it is to change so let it be
We have to move on


Best Answer - Chosen by Asker:
If you are a 15-yr-old, this is really good!. One thing you should know: Things that are written in about a minute without thinking about them are not called "poems"; they are called "first drafts!." This is a pretty good first draft!. Now the fun begins!. Why don't you take a few weeks and work on it and then re-post it!. My bet is that, with some work, it will turn out to be quite good!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

I think your poem's message is fantastic, but, to be honest, I think that the poem could have been written better!.

To me, the language and the emotions in your poem seem forced and predictable!. I think that, if you really "let go" and expressed your feelings in a more natural, more creative way (perhaps drawing upon some rich, unique imagery), you would improve this poem greatly!. But then -- that's just me!. You do whatever you want!.


you're poem tells you have a strong character and that you don't let yourself be easily manipulated!. i like the message,but in my opinion, you should work on a rhyme schemeWww@QuestionHome@Com

It's really good!
Some people could take weeks writing a poem and it probably won't be as good as yours!