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Question: I dont understand guitar tab!.it just confuses me so much!?
i know that te letters EADGBE represent the strings and the numbers represent frets but i dont know what chords to use or anything like that!.I really need a thurough descriptionWww@QuestionHome@Com

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You put your fingers on the frets (the number) of the strings those numbers are on!. For example!.


That is the E chord tabbed out!. To explain in more detail; the E string is left open (fret 0), the A string is held down at the second fret, the D string is held down at the second fret, the G string is held down at the first fret, and the B and E string are both left open!. Www@QuestionHome@Com

I'm providing links to some sites I think will help you!. Take it slow, every thing you learn is a step forward!. Don't rush to understand and know it all in one big leap!. It doesn't work that way with playing an instrument!.

Links to free online guitar lessons

ABC Learn Guitar:

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How to Play Guitar for Newbies:

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Good luck and I hope this helps!!! :)


Learn how to read music instead!. Nobody on a paying gig uses tab anyway!. It looks like the easy way out at first, but learning to read music is easier in the LONG RUN!.