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Question: Donations for my choral group!.!.!?
So i'm a high school student and i am in choir!. This past april we went to Heritage Music Festival and won a gold!! And this would be our 3rd gold and we qualify to go to Carnige Hall in New York City!. We are fund raising and fund raising for the event in April '09!. We need to earn at LEAST $22,000 to have the half the trip payed off so each student will only have to pay $1000 instead of 2!. (we are 22 students)

We are working very hard for this and have earned to sing at Carnegie hall!. All of us are very passionate about music and would take so many learning experiences from this NYC trip!. We are competing in the Festival of gold!.!.!.it's national!.

So if you have any fund raising ideas or have a related organization please help!. I appreciate everything!.


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My granddaughter is in high school band and they fund raise year round!.
The less invested in the fund raiser, the larger to profit!.

Contact your nearest Wal-Mart and set-up several dates to have a car wash!.

Buy the large variety packs of candy bars at Sam's Club and give each member 2 boxes to sell!. There are about 30 bars in each pack, for about $15 dollars a box!. At $1!.00 each, your profit should be close to $15!.00 per box)!. Hairdressers love chocolate, so visit every beauty salon in town!

Here's a different twist to a yard sale:
Bring Five, Buy Five!.
Ask a local church or civic club to donate the use of their fellowship hall/communnity room!.
Set up tables!.
Establish a one-way entrance and a one-way exit!. Make sure everyone exits by way of the cashier!.
Form a pricing committee and price all items $1, $2, $3, $4 or $5!.
Ask people to bring 5 items to donate to the sale!. Let them know that they are expected to buy 5 items!.
The object is to make money and not have any items left over!.
Example: If they bring 5 items and only purchase 3, charge them $2!.00, for the 2 items they did not purchase!.
Your group is guaranteed a minimum of $5!.00, from every person (12 years and older), who comes to the sale!.

Ask a local church to sponsor a "sing" and request a $1!.00 (Gift Of Love) donation from each person attending!. Pre-sale tickets may be required to make certain there are enough seats for everyone!.

Create a Gift Of Love letter, outlining your goals and requesting a donation of $10, $15 or $25 each, from family, friends, neighbors and local businesses!. Your choir director should help draft the letter, listing her name and contact number/e-mail at the bottom!.

Arrange a Dollar Day or Loose Change Day!.
The object is to fill the container with one dollar bills or loose change!.
Obtain permission from the business owners prior to setting up in front of their businesses!. Give everyone a container and a designated collection site!.

Ask local radio stations and newspapers to run free ads, for any large fund raising projects!.

It is so refreshing to learn of young people, who are so dedicated to a life enriching program!.
Best of luck to you and your choir!. Www@QuestionHome@Com

i googled it and i found a really long list of different things you can do!. check it out!. hope it helps!!