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Question: Awful voice in microphone!?!?!?!?
im gonna be singing in front of an audience in a few weeks but the thing is i tried singing into my mobile phone recorder as practice and my voice just sounds terrible!. does that mean wen i do end up singing on stage thats wat its gonna be like!?!?!? i dont wanna make a fool of myself =(Www@QuestionHome@Com

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Don't worry, Mobile Phone microphones are Very bad quality that is not how you sound!. You won't make a fool of yourself, think possitive and your singing will sound better!. Trust me your just thinking negitive!.!.!. it will go fine trust me

One thing that people sometimes do with a mic is sing softer because they're nervous about it picking up the sound!.!.!. but as a result, they sound much worse and sound feeble!. What you need to do, and also practice, is singing into the microphone the same way you sing without the mic!. Let your voice ring out, and hold the mic as close or as far away as necessary to control the volume!. Www@QuestionHome@Com