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Question: Pearl Export EX vs!. Pearl Export EXL
I have been playing drums for almost 6 years and realized that my black Pacific starter kit wasn't cutting it anymore!. I decided to buy a new kit after my bass drum broke!. I am looking at two kits!. One is a Pearl Export EX!. It is black, so i would be able to use my toms in addition to the two mounted and one floor the kit coms with!. The kit also has two bass drum which is one of the main reasons I'm considering buying it!. The kit is four years old and costs $400!. The Other kit is a 6 year old Pearl EXL which is selling for $420!. The kit is strata orange and looks incredibly nice, but i wouldnt be able to use my old toms on it!. The kit comes with two floor toms and one mounted tom!. At this point I am really leaning towards the EX because of the two bass drums and the color, even though i know the EXL is rated much better than the EX!. My question is even though i really want the EX do you think the EXL is good enough to counter the attractions i have to the EX!. And if it means anything i play mostly alternative rock and would get a lot of use out of the double bass, but i also already have a double bass pedal as well as one single pedal and the EX will come with another single pedal!. also head condition won't matter because i will replace all heads on all drums when i buy them!. I've seen pics and both drums appear to be in equal condition but i have yet to find time to test either of them out!. also if you have any suggestions as to other kits besides these im open for suggestions!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

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I played Pearl Export and it feels great, the sound is also ok!. I find that when they bring out similar makes of a brand it isnt worth spending extra!. Unless you get one of those extra drums!.Www@QuestionHome@Com