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Question: Really high F (Flute)
When I was in 8th grade (now in 9th) I had to play the high F and now Im struggling!. I have band camp today - Friday and I have to memorize songs!. I came in a week late and I have a personal trainer to help me!. I have a Gemeinhardt M2!. The cork just recently shrunk and I got a new one!. Why am I having trouble all of a sudden play the really high F!. Please help


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Hi Ashley,

I am guessing the reason you are having trouble playing the F in the highest register is that you are not supporting your air stream as much as it needs to be!. Have you tried playing any of the notes above that F!.!.!.!.!. from F# to high C!?

You must use alot of diaphragm muscles to blow some steady and fast air!. It will not be a piece of cake right at first and especially if you are out of practice blowing those really high notes!.

I don't think it is your flute if you have had it checked out recently!.
Try playing some long tone exercises for F and all of the notes above that!.

In chromatic style, play each note, holding it out for 4 long counts!. Blow very hard and then go on the next note and so on until you reach high C!. Repeat the exercise over and over for about 15 minutes!. In about a week, you should begin to see an improvement on playing those high register notes!. You might get a head-rush but it will eventually go away the more you work on it!.

Hope that helps!.

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one time in band camp!.!.!.Www@QuestionHome@Com