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Question: GUYS! Thanks so much for your help!. Should I!.!.!.!.!?!?!?!?
Hey thanks so much for your help!!


should I post more vids if I am good enough!?!?

and please COMMENT ON YOUTUBE!. (if you have an account)

Thanks so much!! for all your help!.



Best Answer - Chosen by Asker:
You have an absolutely beautiful voice!. =] Only tip for the VIDEOS is you don't have to introduce the song as much as you did!. Save all that for the little section you type!. Haha, just cause some people get bored!. But amazing job!!

And I couldn't comment on youtube!. No account!. Haha, sorry!. It messes up my computer, so I rarely watch videos, but I'm bored!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Great Voice
post some more vidsWww@QuestionHome@Com