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Question: What is the cost of a decent 4 string bass, and is it cheaper to get acoustic or electric
Is 4 string cheaper, or 6!?Www@QuestionHome@Com

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4 string is cheaper!. acoustics are cheaper but i myself prefer electric due the ability to controlur volume and use headfones!. The cheapest acoustic i know of is $150 (dean)!. as for electrics epiphone and dean both have electric bass packages (includes amp accesories etc) for $200!. I haven't tried the epiphone one but my cousin has the dean and it has a ggod feel to it!. Www@QuestionHome@Com

i really liked this guy's youtube vid!.!.!.

it gives a good basic bass start for blues!.

i started off on a Peavey Milestone III
they're probably around $150
i really like that the neck is thinner than your average bass, so your strings are closer together!. it's not heavy!. it's two jazz pickups!.

now i own a Peavey Millenium 4 string (basically the same bass, just a different finish!. http://www!.musicarius!.com/catalog/images!.!.!. )!.
i changed the pickups on it to Dimarzio Ultra Jazz pickups!.

I bought this bass for $179!.
I could have bought (and regret to this day ) the 5 string for $199 (only $20 more)!. oh well!.

i strongly recommend to not get a 6 string until you know how to play a 5 string!. and on that note, don't get a 5 til you know how to play a 4 string!.

i had a buddy that got that Dean Acoustic bass someone else mentioned!.!.!.!. it actually sounded and played very nice!.

yes a 4 string is cheaper, its cheaper to get acoustic
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