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Question: Are Jupiter soprano saxes of good quality!? How would you compare them to Selmer and Yamaha!?
I just found a Jupiter sax that comes with a cleaning kit, case, 2 metronomes, and a tuner for $1200, I got the seller to go down on the price to $800 and I want to make sure the price is worth it!. Can anyone help me!?Www@QuestionHome@Com

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first of all, cheers to a fellow sax player! now to bussiness:

selmer has been making saxophones since they first were in france!. back then saxes were made for the military band, and selmer combines the perfectness of a classical instrument with the hard, stretched out range of the military instruments!. selmer was the finest maker of the saxophone until yamaha came!. still selmer makes good quality saxophones!.

yamaha has been making saxes since the beginning of the 20th century!. they copied selmers style of the sax and made them just as selmer!. but since then yamaha has made every instrument and they are a "jack of all traits" instead of a "master of one"!. because of this, they make adequite saxes!.

jupiter has been only going on for a while, but there marksmanship has already been used by famous saxophonists!. making jupiter a fine sax industry!.

i will rate them according to my expiriences:

if i were you, i would pick to play the jupiter because if has only been around for a whil but is already recignizable!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

i have a jupiter sax and i love it
i use it more then my yamahaWww@QuestionHome@Com