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Question: How to get my band on its feet!?

How do you get a band up on its feet!? Is it a good move to have a parent as a manager!? Is it ok to put a boy in a band full of girls!? Is it ok to put a older boy in his 20 in the band or should we keep all girls!?

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If you girls are old enough I would definetly try to manage the band yourself!. Pick the most responsible girl and let her take care of everything!. And if I was you I would keep it all girls, having one guy would throw it off!. As for getting started, if you have your music already I would seriously try to create a Myspace!. Myspace is one of the most useful tools for up and comming bands!. Put your music on it, go to known bands that your music sounds like and 'steal' their friends!. Hopefully a promotion site will see you!. Book as many local shows as you can and you'll start gaining fans & respect!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

dont worry about gender and or age because no matter what people care more about the actual music rather than whether it's an all girl band or not!. if the boy is an amazing musician then def!. add him!. if the boy is a rapist and/or pedifile then it probably isnt such a great idea!. if you want to get a band moving then just start out with local gigs!. call up local venue's and ask for an audition!.Www@QuestionHome@Com