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Question: How to deal Stage fright!?!
Today i will play in a concert and i have a lot of parts where i play solo!. i was given the pieces 4 days ago and they are not much difficult but we only had one rehearsal and i am anxious about it!. how am i going to deal the stress!?!?

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Breathe slowly upto 10 while you walk up to the stage, giving you a bit of strength, and say from your heart that 'You're going to do well!. The audience are just fools'!.

Keep this attitude with you whenever you perform on the stage!. I guarantee you'll do well, as it has helped me conquer stage fright!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

I just answered a question like this!.

What I do is meditate before going on, WHILE drinking a carbonated soda, like fanta!. also, as said above, take a hot bath before going to the show!. But while practicing, look at yourself in the mirror, sing in front of mom and dad, because that is all the crowd is!. Moms and Dads!. also Do not look at the crowd before going out!.

And the other question, someone said smoke weed!. DON'T DO THAT!!!!!! lol!. Good Luck!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

the original way was to pretend the audience was in their underwear, i would go one step beyond, just think they aren't there at all!.

i make videos for youtube, and a few have over 10,000 views!. i make the videos and assume that nobody will see them!. i make them and assume i will be the only one to see them!.

the best thing to do is pretend you are rehearsing with no audience!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

You have to approach this problem in steps!. I have never had stage fright before, but i do get the jitters before a big show, just like everyone else!.
First, you have to pinpoint WHAT your afraid of!. Forgetting your lines!? Feeling stupid in front of your peers!? After you figure out WHAT your afraid of, it's easier to overcome!. This step takes some work!. You can't be content with "i'm afraid of going on stage" You have to find out WHAT specifically it is

Step two: This sounds strange, but it works!. After youv'e figured out WHAT your afraid of!. Trigger the fear!. Not nessicarily by going onstage, but, it your afraid of acting a fool in front of your friends, act a fool in front of them!. See how they react, and how you react!. Pay attention to the physical changes in your body!. Does your heart rate increase!? HOw does your body feel!? Like your melting or imploding!? THINK HARD,

Three: When your offstage, and you feel the ansiety coming, focus not on the stage frigth, but on the feelings that your blocking!. If you know that you feel gooey in the knees when you afraid, the n focus on strengthening your knees BEFORE they give out!.

Fear is a state of mind!. remember that!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Practice!.!.!. Do something in the in between that would make you embarrassed!. Go do something strange I used see what ridiculous stories I could get to believe to work on my people skills!. Go starting singing randomly downtown or in a place where people don't expect it!. You might get some interesting reactions but it will make a concert seem easy after such exercises!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

just practice in front of a couple people, and then gradually build up!.
or, you can video tape yourself and practice more that way, and then either show it to people or just perform in front of some!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

A technique for immediate stage fright relief is whenever you feel nervous, wiggle your toes, or curl your toes and squeeze them!. Www@QuestionHome@Com

take a hot cold bath and don't look at the public, look at a wall behind the public, or imagine your mom is the only one there !Www@QuestionHome@Com

it takes practising the more you go on stage the easier it will become
try practising infront of friends and family Www@QuestionHome@Com

practice as much as possible and look at a wall while your performing and if you end up seeing that people like it you WILL feel more comfortable!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Breathe slowly!. Ignore the audience!. In 40 years it won't matter at all!. Just do it!. lolWww@QuestionHome@Com

just breathe and enjoy the moment!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Jump off the stage =)Www@QuestionHome@Com

do the best that you can and you will kick butt!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Lol just do it!.
Feel cocky and you'll look like you know what your doingWww@QuestionHome@Com