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Question: What guitar scale has the notes C, C#, and D# in it!?
im trying to write a song, but i need to know what scale these notes belong to!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

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That other answer made no sense!.

From a music theory point of view, you need to call the notes by the right name for the situation!. In this case, if you were to call out the notes of a scale, you should only use each note letter once, if you intend to use the scale for building chords, progressions, etc!.

In this case we wouldn't call it C# and D#, we would instead say Db and Eb!.

Now we have C Db Eb, which are the first three notes of the C Phrygian scale!. Phrygian is a mode of the major scale, starting from the 7th note!.

It could also be the Locrian mode, but the Locrian mode is very hard to write in, as it keeps wanting to resolve to a different mode!.

So there you are!. C Phrygian!.

EDIT: after a few seconds of thought, I realized that maybe you were looking for the major or minor, instead of a mode!. I thought you meant the scale starting with C, but maybe you didn't!. Well, since we have a Db that means 4 flats in the key signature, so the general tonality would be Ab major or F minor!.


its a major scale!. g# is a# c c# d# f!.!.!. im too lazy to do it out!. but its in g# or AbWww@QuestionHome@Com