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Question: I have a question about my Clarinet!? (REVISED)!?

1!.My lower bridge key is broken (i think) It wont stay closed and i cant play it!.!.!.!.i went to the music store they said there is nothing they do!.!.!.So what can i do to make it stay closed!.
I went to Ken Stanton MusicWww@QuestionHome@Com

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OOOOHHH! HAHA! That's NOT the bridge key, btw!.!.!. that's your side Eb key!.!.!. OK!.!.!. MUCH easier fix!

There's either one of two things wrong!.!.!.

1) Most likely, you're missing a spring!. Now this doesn't look like a curly wire!.!.!. it is a very thin, flat sheet of metal!.!.!. usually it is long enough to go from your key, under the "C#" key, and to the edge of your horn (before it cuts away to the joint)!. It will be straight, and run along the bottom of the key for about a centimeter, then it will bend behind and under the peg with the screw!.!.!. Check to make sure you have this (I couldn't tell from the picture)!. If not, you just need a new spring!. Very quick and painless- and cheap! If you DO have this, you may have to just bend your spring back into place, or re-align it!. It should be parallel to the key, and there should be a groove for it to sit in!. If you have to bend it, make sure to take the key off, and don't bend too much at once!.!.!. springs can be fickle!. To take the key off!.!.!.

2) The screw that holds the key is too tight!. Hold the clarinet the way you did in the picture!.!.!. see the little peg with the screw right next to the "C#" key!? Use a jeweler's screwdriver and turn it counterclockwise (left)!. Does your key work!? If so, that's the issue!.!.!. just watch that screw! If this problem keeps happening, just unscrew it all the way, pull it out *gently*, and put a couple drops of valve oil on it (just borrow some from a trumpet player- or buy some for $2)!. Reinsert the screw (actually a pin)!. You should be good to go! Again- easy!

As far as where you took it!.!.!. those guys should fix it!. If not, well, I have some very unkind words which will be censored if I say!.!.!. SO, find another music shop in your town!. If you are in school band (I'm assuming you are), ask your teacher where the school does buisness!.!.!. they should be more than happy to help, AND you will most likely get a student discount!. If this IS the place the school deals through, just go back and raise some h3ll! Then find a decent bunch of musicians to help you!.

Good Luck- Hope I helped!

PS- The bridge key is the one (actually 2) that crosses over from the upper joint to the lower joint!. If you push JUST the rings (the metal circles where your right hand fingers go) of the lower joint, it will also push down keys in your upper joint!. This is what makes it possible to play a Bb/Eb with just the index finger of both hands- and if that gets messed up, your whole clarinet is messed up!Www@QuestionHome@Com

Change music string!. The only thing wrong is that you are missing a spring which is why you have no pressure to keep it closed!.

The other thing is to put one drop of sewing machine oil !. This oil is like water and will lubricate it well !. It seeps through the openings much better than trumpet oil and stays lubricated for a long time!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

go to a different music store!. ask your music teacher to reccomend somewhere for you to go!. its always fixable!. most of these kinds of problems are caused by bad springs!.!.!.so have someone else check it out!.Www@QuestionHome@Com