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Question: Is it possible that I can help this!?
I am really strong at acting!. I am looking for an agent; if you read some of my other questions, but one problem, my singing isn't all that strong! yeah, i'll admit it my singing isn't all that good, it's not horrible (I can get into musicals) but def!. not "lead role" material!.!.!.of course i can't tell if i'm doing bad but i've heard what my family and friends have said of ways to improve!. Is singing lessons the only way to improve, and if so can they even help me have a better voice!?!?Www@QuestionHome@Com

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you can totally get a singer person that teaches u how to do better at singing!.or singing lessons!.!. lol

hey check out my answer for

"who is your best contact!?"Www@QuestionHome@Com