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Question: How did medieval castles act as a complete community!?
what was inside of them that made it work together!?!? Examples!.!.!. Kitchen, blacksmith, Ect!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

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Originally there were hillforts used by the early peoples!. Usually fortified with boulders and ditches!. In the event of a tribal war or battle they were used, but when the event was over, usually the people involved returned to their homes!. These hill forts were also utilized by the Romans when they occupied Britain!. The Romans, in many instances built Roman forts upon the ancient hill fort sites!. For safety, as well as trade and work, small villages, [Latin,'Vicus'] would spring up around these forts!. When the Normans invaded England in 1066 they began to build wooden 'mote and bailey' 'castles' on some of the remains of the old hill forts!. Although these were wooden, many were surrounded by walls which were coated with a cement-type of material or painted ('white-washed') to look like a more substantial material!. Eventually stone became the more popular material used for motes and castles!. The people who worked for the castle owners would usually gather close to the castle for safety, just as before!. also the church would usually build close to a castle!.