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Question: What are things that would be found in an ancient egyptian pyramid!?
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An excerpt from the site of the American National Gallery of Art:

"!.!.!.55 objects from the tomb of Tutankhamun included the boy-king's solid gold funeral mask, a gilded wood figure of the goddess Selket, lamps, jars, jewelry, furniture, and other objects for the afterlife!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

The correct answer is very little in any pyramid!. The pyramids on the Giza plateau including the Great Pyramid did not have mummies in them when they were entered in modern times!. There is a stone box that may have held a coffin and mummy but if so it was stolen in ancient times!.

So really the pyramids were empty!. What may have been in them is speculation!. There are some rooms that have secret windows that open to the surface and at certain times specific stars can be seen up the shafts representing Isis and Osiris!. also an iron hook was found in one shaft when a robot camera went up it--probably to operate the doors on the shafts!. No one can explain how these shafts were so perfectly cut to the outside from the rooms!.

There are several rooms in each pyramid and they are named King's Room, Queen's Room, etc!. but these are just names based on size and location!. No one knows what the rooms were for!.

Hope this interests you to read more!. I have been in the Great Paramid on a tour years ago and in King Tut's tomb!. Most mummies were buried in the Valley of the Kings, including King Tut!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

religious things!. Sculptures & models of gods that they would praise!.
It was a sanctuary where everyone praised whoever they wanted to, AND also it was an area where the dead were buried [:

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