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Question: What Indians think about the "Aryan invasion" theory !?
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Aryans!.(Sansrit,noble)Once used for the race speaking Indo-European and the language itself!.(1)
It is generally agreed that the early Aryans tribes had originally lived somewhere in the western part of Asia!.They left their original homeland due to many causes such as the dearth of grassy lands for feeding their cattle,increase in their population,climatic changes and curiosity to visit new lands!.Thus,large scale migrations of Indo-Europeans(Aryans) took place around 2500 BC !.One of their branches moved towards Europe and the other towards Iran!. Those Aryans who lived in Iran were called as Indo-Iranians!.However ,another big batch of Aryans moved farther east and reached India!.They are called as the Indo-Aryans!.The fact that the Indo-Aryans were in same way related to the other branch of Aryan family ruling over some parts of Mesopotamia(Mittanis and Kassites) is revealed after an inscription was discovered in Boghoskoi (Asia-Minor)!.The Mittanis of Upper Euphrates and Kassites of Babylonia worshipped Aryan Gods such as Indra,Varuna,Mitra and Nasatyas!.
Their early entry into India (around 2000 BC) was opposed by the native inhabitants ( most probably Dravidians ) resulting in wars!.The Rg-veda mentions numerous battles fought between the Aryans and Dasyus!.Furthermore,the Rg-veda describes how the Aryans destroyed the numerous towns and forts belonging to Dasyus before making their settlements in the Sapta-Sindhu region ( the Punjab )!.The process of Aryanisation of the Sapta-Sindhu region was gradual because the wars with the local inhabitants were continuing for a long time!.However,those who were defeated got absorbed into the Aryan population!.(2)Www@QuestionHome@Com

Historians and scholars' opinion is divided on the point- whether the word ARYA mean a language or a race!. Founder of Asiatic Society Sir Wlliam Jones had advanced his opinion that the word 'Arya' denotes a language!. His logic was that the Indian classical language Sanskrit has some similarities with the European languages - Latin, baltic, German,Gothic, greek, Iranian and Persic languages, he therefore opined that the source of all these language is same!. German scholar Maxmullar also endorsed this opinion!. Modern historians are of the opinion that the word 'Arya' denotes language and not race!.
'The 'invasion theory' has alsodividedd opinion!. A section ofscholarss opined that the 'Aryans' invaded India and defeated the non Aryans!.Their main logic is that it is established that the 'Harappa' and 'Mahenjodaro' was much earlier civilization than 'Vedic civilisation' and recognised as 'Non-Aryan civilisation'!. Then it can not be substantiated that the original homeland of 'Aryans' was India!. But then exactly from which region the Aryans came to India that is yet to be established!. Some historians opined that they came fromCapadocciaa region of Asia minor on the other hand historian Bradenstine said that their original home land was in Kirghijh region adjucent to theCaspiann sea, from there they spread - one branch to India and Persiaa and another to Europe!. They came to India around 2000 BC!.
Debate on the matter still exist, but most of the moderhistoriansns endorsed the 'Invasion theory'!.

Most Indians dont believe its true!. However some do believe its true and point to the complexion of Southern Indians and Northern Indians as proof!.

I think it was a cultural conquest like the Norman Invasion to be honest!. The Invading Aryans became Indian essentially while putting their own cultural flavour into the subcontinentWww@QuestionHome@Com

The difference in colour and thinking do point to such a theory!.Www@QuestionHome@Com