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Question: What were the mccarthy trials!?
im doing a paper for school and its about salem witch trials and mccarthy trials!.

i have what the salem witch trials are and how they are similar!. i need info just on the mccarthy trials!.!.!. ever time i look it up it just talks about that person!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

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Instead of witches, McCarthy saw a commie behind every tree and ruined lots of lives in the process!. The comparison to the Salem Trials is a good one!. Here are some sites to visit!.




You might have had more success with the search term McCarthyism!.

Here's a website that gives a LOT of information and should help with what you need!.


Many of the actors and actresses in the 50's were accused of being communists and if they were found wanting by the mccarthy probe they were black listed from working in the industry!.Www@QuestionHome@Com