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Question: Who was the first opera singer ever in the era of history of opera!?
I'm thinking they came from Italy, I would like to make an essay on this subject!. Please, no nonsense answersWww@QuestionHome@Com

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It's quite difficult to pinpoint exactly who was the first opera singer ever, but I've done extensive research on the topic and can tell you that Euridice by Jacopo Peri was the first opera that has survived since it's creation where we can actually tell who was in it!. Jacopo Peri sang the title role himself, so I suppose in a way, you could say that he was the first opera singer!. Although before this, many persons were parts of choruses in Greek tragedies!.

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Marian Anderson was the first African American opera singer!. I did a project on her in the seventh grade!. She first started singing in her father's church and then later became well known and she wanted to sing at hotels and places for entertainment, but they wouldn't let her because of the color of her skin!. Then she won grammys and became more well known!. That's all I'm going to tell you, but you could probably do some more research if this opera singer interests you!.

Marian Anderson