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Question: Why were Egyptians less prone to attack than other developing civilizations!?
A!. The winds blew vessels away from Egypt!.
B!. There were no other civilizations at the time!.
C!. They were surrounded by deserts!.
D!. They were protected by mountains on all sides!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Best Answer - Chosen by Asker:
Really, none of the above!. But C if it has to be one of these!.

Egypt was often attacked in the south by Nubia and built Abu Simbel to mark their southern border!. They were continually attacked by the Hittites from the Middle East who also had cavalry and chariots--really war wagons!.

also the port cities like Alexandria were vulnerable--eventually the Library of Alexandria was destroyed!. Rome was given the Egyptian Empire by Cleopatra to save it from destruction as much as for any other reason--she gave her throne to Mark Antony!. Cleo was greek so by then it wasn't really run by Egyptians!.

The Desert is probably the most likely correct answer!. also the Nile has several cataracts or rocky waterfalls that keep it from being navigated from deep in Africa!. The best reason they were not attacked is because they maintained an excellent army and navy, and they were more interested in trade than warfare with neighbors!. Www@QuestionHome@Com