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Question: Women in the medieval era!?
What restrictions were women given during this time (primarily related to love)!? What privileges did they have!? Did they have a say in who they could/could not be with!? I would just like some general information on how women were treated during the Medieval period and how they were viewed in relation to men!.


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The position of women had improved during the medieval era!. The early part between 1000-1200 was much harsher, since the society was rather brutish and harsh!. Women were treated as a property of their husband, but many laws throughout Holy Roman Empire limited how husband should treat and punish their wives!. For example, it was disallowed for men to beat their wife with weapons, stick, or chain, but often whip could be used!. Women could be randomly selected to go through ordeal that will reveal if she was fornicator behind the husband back!. Some castles had special trail for this issue, for example in castle Buchlov, there was a well where woman was thrown (usually fully clothed) in, and if she drown, she was guilty of sin!. However, husband could repeat the ordeal as many times he desired…!.
During development of urban culture and introduction of elegance into knighthood (13th century), women were treated much better, and often were educated except the lowest peasant class!. Women often helped their husbands to run their family business, and there was widespread underground culture, where women would at least have a chance to flirt with passersby (usually sitting at the window)!. Knights developed prose, love songs, music, and poetry that they will attempt to seduce their women!. The late 13th century was the peak of the knighthood gallantry, where entire culture was developed into flirting with married women and the points were taken among the males for number of married women to be seduced!. This culture also spread to lower classes and students migrating from one university to another one!. Women would not be killed for improper behavior as it was the case two hundred years earlier, but she could be often expelled from community or denied Christian rites!.
The outbreak of 100 year warfare brought misery to much of the Western Europe, and crisis of the medieval world at the end of 14th century created series of many local wars, which killed many husbands!. A woman to men ratio was suddenly unfavorable toward the women, and many widows were suddenly left to run the business, farms, and estates, which also created for them a better social status!. Women were less denied inheritance, and often take their matters to own hands to do what they want!. The late medieval era had often seen an older woman marrying a young guy half of her age, because the warfare would often sent the men to the battlefields!.
Overall, women throughout medieval era had secondary role within the society, and were not seen as equal as the men!. When woman had intercourse before marriage, she would be certainly punished, but this would be a less issue for single unmarried man!. Women eventually gained standing in matter of inheritance, money, and business!. However, in the court, church life, or political decision in community (such as township or guild), their opinion did matter less than for men!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Many were seen as chattels and to be protected in their feminine fragility!.!.Oppressed! There were women, who owned there own land!.!.(but possibly widowed or with no brothers, the elder of whom, usually inherited the lot!.)
Chastety belts some up the era for me!. (Yuck) For a wife's honour and protection, a husband of higher standing, would lock her away, until his return from battle!. Pick your crusade!? A regular week at the office! Cast iron knickers,no less!
Toileting was disgusting!. Many a pure, modest and virtuous wife perished in diseased and unsanitary conditions!. If her hubby died in battle!.!. I hate to think!? Mace Spray would have done the trick!.
Undies weren't invented until the knee length breeches, centuries later!? Nor flushing loos, it was a perch, up high in many castles- straight down into the mote!. It was a brave invader who'd chance that castle approach! Crude mirrors, not as well lit and accurate as we know them!.
The cycle of ovulation was medically misunderstood!. It was deemed a bleeding lady was unpure, vile and cursed by the devil, even mad!. She was locked in her chamber and was not to be touched until she returned to normal!. What a mess! Physically and emotionally!. There were great and powerful women of the time (eg: Joan of Arc and many others possessing the brains or ability to manipulate their cicumstance)Www@QuestionHome@Com

suggest you ignore the Bible as a source of history to medieval history!. the bible was written at least a thousand years before the medieval period and the information supplied by that writer is definitely incorrect!. You want a good educational source for correct information first off don't use Wikipedia!. It is totally flawed!. Google "The Orb"
it is a university site that will link you to all the information you require about medieval life including the questions you are asking!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Not many of us on Yahoo Answers were around then to observe the treatment of women, but I bet your local public library would have some excellent books on life during that period!.Www@QuestionHome@Com