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Question: Has there been a battle/conflict in history that has had a traditional Calvary vs Modern warfare!?
I guess the best chance of this would have been during WWI but I'm not sure!. For some reason I thought I heard of this happening before, could somebody confirm this!? If so can you provide the name of the battle because I would like to learn more about it!. Thank you!Www@QuestionHome@Com

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~Actually, it happened frequently during WWII as well!. Check into Ethiopia, Poland and Operation Barbarossa for starters!. The horsies went up against planes and tanks during the Spanish Civil war as well!. During the Second Sino-Japanese War, which wouldn't be upgraded in status to be called the Asian theater of WWII until after Pearl Harbor but which was actually the opening conflict of WWII, both the Japanese and Chinese used cavalry and armor!.

If you really wanted to learn about it, you'd be using a search engine, not this cite!. I could tell you all about the Tralfamadore campaign and the Rosewater Brigade, but what would you really learn and why would you believe me!? That's worse than bad chemicals!. So it goes!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

I have heard of similar stories myself but can't think of a particular battle!.
In the the movie the last Samuri Tom Cruise is involved in fighting between rifleman and horseman so prehaps pre world war 1 or fighting in the asian countrys during that era would be the best places to research!.
Heres the Wikipedia link to world war 1 this should help a little or at least put you on the right track for what you need:

WHen Japan invaded the Phillipe's they encoutereCavalryought a US CavarPhilippines!. The cavarly did not charge like in the movies in fact the Cavalry charge was do away with during the American civil war!. The rifle made cavarly an obsolete weapon!. But the cavarly would move mounted and when they made contact with the enemy or reached their destination they would dismount and fight on the ground!. The only advantaged they had was the ability to move faster than dismounted troops but they had the disadvantage of requiring a greater supply burden!.
In Poland at the outset of WW2 Polish lancers supposedly engaged a German panzer regiment, but much of this has been disputted!.

It happened in WWII when Hitler invaded certain areas that weren't up to date technological wise!. And if you've seen it, The Last Samurai, it didn't happen exactly how the movie goes but it was a true story that obviously happened with the Japanese!. Www@QuestionHome@Com

German & Russian invasion of Poland 1939 pitted the cavalry of Poland against the might of the mechanized forces of Germany!. This has been considered the beginning of World War 2