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Question: Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stallin!?
Why do people see hitler worse than Joseph stallin!? joseph stallin killed 10 million people and Hitler killed 6 million people!. But why do people say hitler is worse!?Www@QuestionHome@Com

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There are differences and similarities between these two monsters!. Thanks to Hitler 50 million people died, but only 6 million of them were his citizens!. Thanks to Stalin, 50 millions died, but only 6 millions were not his citizens!. It is hard to judge these two evil characters, but both dictatorships were inflicting pain to its victims, but the overall far reaching effect into the world was quite different!. Hitler started world war, and created suffering for millions of people that would not be any possible way connected to Germany, if the Hitler did not invited the foreigner countries!. Hitler war machine was merciless; it bombed cities from Dublin to London to Rotterdam to Warsaw to Leningrad, and left a trail of destruction for much larger population than Soviet Russia under Stalin!. The number of people facing a hostile occupation exceeds the number of Soviet citizens facing a wrath of Stalin!. For a Jews, there was no escape, but for class enemies of the communist party, there was!. People all over the world witnessed the brutal destruction of the Nazi Regime and the horrors of concentration camps!. The Nazis had a trail and condemnation; however, communism unfortunately did not!. People still refuse to see the pain it had inflected to the societies under Stalin, and since there was not aerial carpet bombing of soviet cities by Stalin, or battles that involved massacres of thousands of civilians, all the ruthlessness was conceal from the human collective memory!. Either way Nazi ideology was far more aggressive than communism, but both were ambitious and extremely dangerous!. Communism was less open to talk about mass killing, and invoked the feeling that majority people would far less oppose such as social justice than racial purity!. Either way, our generations, and entire mankind should never again allowed such horrible ideologies that these two individuals represented!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Western education is more concerned with Western history and the Soviet Union practised censorship for many decades and it could be argued Russia still does in certain areas!.
Stalin was also an ally of the USA and the UK and her dominions during WW2 and as such both governements assisted in certain forms of censorship,the Katyn massacre for example of Polish Officers by the Red Army after its invasion following the Ribbentrop/Molentov Pact on the divison of Poland after Chamberlain had blown the diplomacy with Stalin!.
There was also a generation of American,Canadian and British soldiers who discovered the camps and later understandably wrote of their horrific experiences which then influenced the concentration of modern history!.To an extent this position has begun to be corrected by Western historians during the last 10-15 years

Mainly because the Soviet Union was an ally during WWII and not the enemy, technically at least!. It's not easy to put someone to whom you were sending thousands of tons of war materials on the same level as the guy that you'd been depicting as evil personified for the whole war!. Www@QuestionHome@Com

Because Hitler is more well known and soviet union was, after all part of the allies!. Stalin straight up shot them, Hitler tortured, tested and trapped his victims!. And by the way Stalin did not kill this 10 million in war, they were his own people!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

I think it is because germany was in the middle of all of the killing and maybe the way that hitler killed his victoms!.!.!?Www@QuestionHome@Com

Hitler killed innocent people because of their religion!. Stalin killed them in a war!.Www@QuestionHome@Com