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Question: The cold war lead to the nuclear arms race as both sides feared each other!. what happned between1959-1962!.!?
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13th April 1961, American backed Cuban exiles attempt, and fail to invade Cuba in the "Bay of Pigs" disaster

September 1962 American spyplanes discovered Cuba was building Surface to Air missile sites with the assistance of the USSR!. In October it was discovered that Intermediate range Nuclear Missile sites were also being prepared in Cuba!. (The USA has already placed similar missiles on Turkish sites to threaten the) USSR!. The Americans decided to mount a naval blockade of Cuba, and on October 24th Soviet ships heading for Cuba turned round just before the blockade!.
During the crisis the US (and presumably the USSR) were on full alert and ready to mount nuclear strikes against each other!.
Once the crisis was resolved some measures like the "Hotline" between Washington ans Moscow was introduced, and the USA secretly withdrew its IRBM's from Turkey and Italy though it retained nuclear bomber bases in several European countries

The Cuban missile crisis was a big factor in all this!. Google it!.

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