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Question: Who were the Byzantines!?
I am confused!. I thought that the Byzantines were the Roman Empire basically renamed!. But I just read that the leader clovis of the Anglo Saxons attacked the last Roman Emporer Syragius with the permission of the Byzantines!. Are the Byzantines not who I thought they were!?Www@QuestionHome@Com

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Amber K is incorrect, the Ottoman Empire was a turkish muslim empire that eventually conquered the remannt of the Byzantine empire!.

Basically as the Roman Empire began to topple and decline the empire was divided down the middle!. There was the WESTERN half, which had it's church in Rome, and which fell in 476 A!.D (last emperor ddeposed)!. And the Eastern Half, which was based around the city of Constantinople (which was regularly called the new rome), this empire had orthodox Christianity as its faith, and had more greek speakers than latin speakers!. It was also very welathy!. Eventually the empire became Hellenised (they started using Greek instead of Latin as the language of the empire), and would continue on until 1453 when Mehemd II of the Ottoman Empire conquered the city and made it his new capital of the Turkish Muslim Empire!.

Syragius was the governour (although calle king of the romans by the barbarians) in northern Gaul!. HIs father had been governour before him, and many called him the last Emperor, however he considered himself as just ruling a province of the Empire (barbairns had taken the land in between Italy and his province, meaning he was cut off)!. His province was still under "Roman" rule after the end of the WEstern Empire in 476!.

The word byzantine was never used to describe the civilisation based around COnstantinople, it was used to describe (occasionally) and inhabitant of the city (original name had been Byzantium)!. To try and differentiate between the ROMAN empire and the later greek speaking eastern romans historians started using the word Byzantine!. It is also used to mean; picky, beuracratic or corrupt in some circumstances!. The Byzantines weren't looked on nicely by the Pope, or the countries who would later accept catholicism, and after 1204 few Byzantines liked the Pope either!. Preferrable to have the muslim sultan's hat, to the pontiff (pope's) one late noble said!.

Byzantine = Eastern Roman, Greek speaking Roman Empire!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

the Byzantine Empire was basically another name for the Ottoman Empire!.!.!.there was even another name for it which I can't remember!.!.!.anyway, the rule under this empire wasn't the same as it was under the Roman Empire, in which countires were mostly ruled by the Catholic Church at the time!.!.!.I don't know much about Byzantine empire though, cuz we're not studying that right now but I hope I helped u somehow!Www@QuestionHome@Com

The Byzantines controlled Constantinople (Istanbul) Www@QuestionHome@Com