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Question: William Harvey - His book!?
William Harvey published his findings of the circularity system in a book in 1628!.

What's the book called!?

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an anatomical treatise on the motion of the heart and blood in animals!.

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The title was; "De motu cordis", meaning "About the movement of the heart!." The evidence it cited was anatomical: the one-way valves in the system made it clear that blood could only flow one way along a given blood-vessel, not pulse to & fro as previously thought!. He confirmed this deduction by direct observation in vivisection of animals!.

The book was of course written in Latin for a Europe-wide readership, though an English translation eventually followed!. It was not at first well-received; doctors, then as now, tended to cling to the science they learned when students and resisted challenging new thoughts!.Www@QuestionHome@Com