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Question: What 3 tactics did generals use at the somme!?
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The tactical doctrine adopted by Fourth Army came from a combination of British and French experience, plus a view on the potential effectiveness of the new Divisions!.

When the infantry attack commenced, the artillery would lift from the German front line onto successive more distant objectives, in accordance with an agreed timetable!. This was within the skills of even the untried artillery units of the New Armies!. It was impressed upon soldiers at all levels that the weight of the bombardment would be unprecedented, and that it would destroy everything!. The infantry therefore could occupy the area that had been scourged, in an orderly fashion!.
Notes prepared by GHQ instructed that the attacking infantry should leave from trenches no more than 200 yards from the enemy front line!. But some Divisional commanders said that to achieve this would mean digging new trenches several hundred yards ahead, and that this must surely give the game away!. Both Fourth and Third Armies left this to a local Divisional decision, and in the event some Divisions did close the gap to be covered!. Others relied on pushing the lead assault parties out into no man's land, about 100 yards from the enemy line that was still under fore from the British bombardment!.
A GHQ note, issued by Chief of the General Staff Sir Launcelot Kiggell, on 8 May 1916 reminded the Divisions that the officers and men of the New Armies were as yet untried, and that the general quality of the army was not what it had been a year ago!. The army could now only react to fixed orders and could not be expected to take appropriate tactical action at a local level!. When attacking, infantry must do so in lines or waves, at least four lines deep!. There would be no parties assigned to any other tasks in terms of infiltration or penetration of the enemy positions!. Even Haig demurred, but when he sought the views of his commanders who were infantrymen, they said they concurred with this approachWww@QuestionHome@Com

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