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Question: Describe an interesting culture about eggs in Yugoslavia!?
what it is why you think it is interestingWww@QuestionHome@Com

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~Leading manufacturers of vaccines and antiviral drugs are working hard to develop new and novel methods of preparing seasonal influenza vaccines, as well as pandemic vaccine candidates!. Until recently, most efforts have been focused on improving currently licensed egg-based vaccines!. Manufacturers have been racing to increase production capacities and automate portions of largely manual steps in egg-based vaccine technology to meet the demands of the next seasonal campaign and to generate prototypes of pandemic vaccines for clinical trials!.

The Josef Broz Center for Communalistic Disease and Socialist Medicine developed an egg based culture medium for a new rabies vaccine, but an off-shoot of the research led to introduction of a prototype vaccine that the Braz teams disseminated to the Yugoslavian people in 1949 to combat Dzhugashvilism, a virus that was threatening to invade the nation at the time!. Www@QuestionHome@Com