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Question: American history - Black American, Slavery, Racism and K!.K!.K!?
I would like to know as much as I can about the racist society of American towards dark skinned people!. It would help lots if I could know how, what, when, where and why!. I need it for my history essay but the main question is "Did life get better or worse for black American after slavery and how!?"

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In many ways, the world for dark skinned people was neither better or worse after slavery, it was just different!.

Before slavery, dark skinned people didn't have to take care of themselves like find a place to live or find work in a world that was very prejudiced against them!. When the former slaves traveled, there was no where for them to stay except on the street because the hotels wouldn't allow non-whites!. They were forced to sleep on the street and then they were arrested for loitering, thrown in jail and beaten!.

Many dark skinned people preferred to stay with their former slave owners and work for a small salary and a safe place to live!. Moving ahead was dangerous in the early years of freedom but I think it was necessary!. It was necessary for them to break through the wall of prejudice in spite of all the difficulties but it was neither better or worse!. The challenges were just different!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

That's difficult to answer!. I don't even know where to began!. Slaves weren't allowed to walk around freely, they were separated from their families, they ate what was given to them!. They slept in sheds!. They did what they were told and not as they pleased!.

When slavery ended, they were still treated unfairly!. There were little or no jobs available, they didn't have equal rights they were still treated like animals!.

So obviously life didn't get any better, it took many many many years for life to get better for black people!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

I think it has gotten better, I live in the community of auburn ny, were much history is available on Harriot Tubman, I thing an interesting approach for you would be the life of bill Cosby of Obama!. Take an afternoon to dig into the milestones of progress they had made and what it holding back the hatred attitude in black Americans, I used this approach in my English class and receive great feed back from the black students my class (College level)!. If it is for High school, be prepared for the teacher that is narrow minder and will not see anything his/her way!.
To me is to build up a society of peaceful educated blacks ( not orio's) to becoming not only part of the American dream but a majority
ban together to gang up on products that suport the ideas that keep this cancer aliveWww@QuestionHome@Com

Things were going fine until we Brits kicked the Americans out of the Commonwealth for not paying their taxes a couple of hundred years ago!. It got worse for everyone for a while!.Things are going well for everyone now apart from the fact that there is a small hiccup with some other financial matter!.
I think that we should all get a vote for the American President!. Why should I be denied because I am not American!? But I am not prepared to pay their taxes!.Just give us the vote!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Slavery as far as the US is concerned is a political term, Note in the north there was 14 to 18 hr days in cold factories and child labor!. So to keep their people from uprising the Blue bloods told them how much better off they were rather than being from the south wherein fact the workers did work hard for 3 months planting and then 3 months picking from sun up to sun down, but light chores the rest of the time!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

to your big question, I say better!. Even though ppl still treat them badly, they dintt have to do what other white ppl say!. They can make there own choices!. When they mouth off to ppl, theydintt have to worry about gettingwhippedd!. They can hold down jobs andfamiliess now, without starving or dieing!. I think there is still work to be done to make it so they are treated even more equally, but it has verymuch edimproved goodly after slavery ended!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

If you are serious, check out The Birth of A Nation by D!.W!. Griffith (1915)
http://www!.youtube!.com/watch!?v=Qaim-7wvO!.!.!. as a part of your study!. It's not historically accurate but will give you some insight to the way people think today!. It has had a tremendous influence on black white relations in the USAWww@QuestionHome@Com

Obviously it got better for them but there has been a gradual decline for white Americans since then and now is going to get a lot worse if Obama winsWww@QuestionHome@Com

Better for africans but worse for everyone else!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

just ask obama if life is better for blacks! take an amerrican history class at local collegeWww@QuestionHome@Com

Malcolm X was a good DVD i watched!. I recommend it!.
Wether it will help your essay or not i'm not sure, but it will give you some good info!.Www@QuestionHome@Com


It obviously got BETTER or they would still be slaves!Www@QuestionHome@Com