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Question: What role did Obama ansestors play in preparing him to be the first black president in this dispensation!?
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First, use spell check before you post and second look up Obama's family line!. He was not raised by a "black" family so a "black" family did not prepare him for anything!. I am so tired of people making a issue of race!. RACE SHOULD NOT BE A FACTOR IN VOTING!. You should vote for the most qualified person!. Now, if re-post your question and ask how Obama is qualified to be our president I will answer your question!. Www@QuestionHome@Com

While I agree with the earlier poster, that race makes no difference as to the qualifications of the person to hold the office, this is a quote from The Black Commentator about Senator Obama that I thought interesting:

"What is most impressive about Barack Obama is that he is not “Black” by racial or cultural inheritance, but simply because he has chosen to be!. Most of America is well aware that Barack Obama’s racial and ethnic cultural heritage is rooted in Africa through his black Kenyan father and in Euro-America through his Caucasian mother!. These facts alone suggest that Barack Obama is not “Black” nor is he African American in a historical and cultural sense!. In other words, Obama is not a descendant of enslaved Africans in the United States!."