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Question: What was happening politically in berlin 1931!?
or the surrounding time!. or anything related or cabaret the musical Www@QuestionHome@Com

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!.Hitler and his party were not yet in power!.At this time Hitler was devoting all his venom against the communists!.There was no SS or Gestapo only the Brown Shirts!.Berlin was a wide open city where anything and everything was tolerated!.Little did they know of the terror to come!.Hitler's base was Munich!.Hitler had no real power until March 1933Www@QuestionHome@Com

Whatever was happening in Berlin in 1931, as far as cabaret and musicals goes, was in the process of being censored and banned!. The rise of Hitler and his Ministry of Culture and Propaganda strictly monitored such foreign things -- such as "******-jew jazz" as the Nazis called it -- in the name of all things "German!." Any type of cultural influences deemed to be "un-German" were persecuted by the State and the SS and were blamed on Jews, blacks, and any form of racial and cultural "un-purity!."Www@QuestionHome@Com