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Question: How long did the Southampton Blitz last!?

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Southampton suffered badly from large-scale air raids during World War Two!. As a large port city on the south coast, it was an important strategic target for the German air force (Luftwaffe)!. There were fifty seven attacks in all, but nerves were frayed by over 1,500 alarms!. According to A!.R!.P!. (Air Raid Precaution Department) reports over 2,300 bombs were dropped amounting to over 470 tonnes of high explosives!. Over 30,000 incendiary devices were dropped on the city!. Nearly 45,000 buildings were damaged or destroyed, with most of the city's High Street being hit!. There were reports that the glow of Southampton burning could be seen from as far away as Cherbourg on the North coast of France!. Nazi publicity declared in propaganda that the city had been left a smoking ruin!.

Of the 57 Air Raids, by far the worst were on 23rd and 30th November and 1st December and these attacks are generally referred to as Southamptonton's Blitz!. The last casualties of air raids in the city were in a small raid on the suburbs of the city in May 1941!. The last major raid of over 50 bombers was in June 1942, after that the worst was over!. There were occasional single bombs and in July 1943 the only two flying bombs to land on the city were the last to fall in the area!.

There were reports of German aircraft strafing the streets with machine gun fire, and although the docks were an important strategic target inevitably it was civilians that suffered!. The war over Southampton eventually left 630 civilians dead, 898 seriously injured and nearly a thousand with slight wounds!.