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Question: World War2 sentiments!?
Was there a lot of discrimination against German-Americans, Italian-Americans and immigrants from both these countries - notwithstanding whether they were Christian or Jewish - before, during and/or after the 2nd World WarWww@QuestionHome@Com

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Hi Tony,

Please ignore the previous answers -- they are grossly incorrect!. In fact, there was no discrimination for those of German or Italian ancestry!. Consider that the Supreme Allied Commander was named "Eisenhower!." That's a German name!. The German and Italian Immigrants were incorporated into society and their sons and daughters served throughout the war!. All of my my mother's brothers (of German ancestry) served with honour, and my mother (also of German heritage) worked for the government!.

The discrimination experienced by the Japanese can only be described as pure racism!. Because the Germans and Italians were European they didn't experience it!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

There was some discrimination but not too much persecution as such!. The government basically took any Japanese or German descendant people and put them in internment camps!. Partly for security purposes but also for protection from the general population!. Their religion made no difference!. As a matter of fact the Third Reich considered itself primarily Christian!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Yes we did discriminate but we did it because we were not sure of their loyalties and in britain and the empire we incarcerated them for their and our protection and to my Knowledge they were all treated very well

In fact some of the German POWS in England Stayed after the war

The war in Europe was Britain's Alone after the Fall of France and

I am offended that Eisenhower is always quoted as being a hero caused the war to go beyond 1943 German or Jewish!. He was No hero he caused the cold war and how many more died Because of his arrogance
and Incompetence

He did in 1945 authorise the American Death camps where on his written order the Americans Murdered 1,7 million POWS inside Barbed wire Cages against the signed Geneva Convention

an Now we Know the Truth when is America going to Punish this person For Crimes against Humanity after all you did promote Washington in 1972 by act of congress

The British released all their Prisoners of war except those being tried for war crimes and the Germans Bombed our cities not yours we were at war for nearly 6 years not 39 months

even after all i saw in my 38 years in the Military do not believe that it was necessary to murder Old Men and 13 Year old Boys who were Conscripted by the Nazis to defend their crumbling little Empire

Most of the Real Professional soldiers Died on the Russian front and In North Africa and at Monty Casino

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My grandfather emigrated from Germany in the 30s, and experienced little if any discrimination during the war!. The authorities checked up on him occasionally during the war, but it wasn't any big deal and he could understand why!. Www@QuestionHome@Com

Yup, after WWII those people were looked upon with great suspiscion!. And during it too!. Before WWII and immediately after WWI, Germans were discriminated cuz of their defeat in the first war!.Www@QuestionHome@Com