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Question: How did slavery of black people by white europeans begin!?
And how did it spread to the Americas!?

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Slavery IS normal in Africa!. It occurs in most societies around the world!. When the whites first found Africa they found local chiefs wanted to sell people from other tribes for anything they could get!. Glass beads were a favourite!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

There was a shortage of labour in the colonies, and buying slaves was a cheap way of acquiring the necessary manpower!. I think slavery started in the south American colonies, the Spanish and Portuguese began importing slaves to south America, and then as the north american colonies developed slavery spread to the north!.

There was a population of both free and slave black people from the early 17th century onwards in North America!.

There were never very many black slaves in Europe, because there were plenty of poor white people to do the work that in the colonies was done by slaves!. Slaves in Europe tended to be luxury items, for instance it was fashionable for rich ladies to keep little black boys as pages, they were a sort of fashion accessory!.

There would probably not have been much slaving done if it had not been for the American and West Indian colonies!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

The Americans wanted slaves for their land and needed a place where there were lots of them and they decided to use people from Africa because they were stronger and more immune to disease than Asians!.
So the Europeans gave them African slaves and they gave europe pots and pans and stuff and Europeans gave other things to Africa to buy slaves - the triangular trade system!.

The journey from the Africa to America made by the slaves was called the middle passage!.


It spread to the Americas FIRST through the Caribbean Islands where they were raising sugar-cane for sugar and molasses and rum!. White folks just couldn't DO the work in that hot and humid environment!.

It spreads next to South Carolina where they are starting to raise RICE, and there are the same harsh environmental conditions!.

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Slavery was common in parts of Africa, and slaves were traded as a commodity (ie sold in return for other valuable items)!. In much the same way that people nowadays might have a business hunting animals, there were groups who had a business hunting people to sell them!.

Colonists in the Americas began to realise how much money they could make by selling cotton, tobacco and other things which could not be grown in Europe!. But growing those crops was extremely labour-intensive (it required lots of workers)!. They needed a source of cheap workers: sooner or later, someone was bound to think of using the slaves which were easily available in Africa, and this is exactly what happened!.

A triangular trade pattern developed with ships taking manufactured goods (clothing, for example) from Europe to West Africa, where they traded them for slaves, which they then took to the Americas, where they were traded them for tobacco, cotton, etc, and the ships finally returned to Europe to sell their cotton, tobacco, and were able to buy more manufactured goods, and begin the cycle again!.

So basically it all started with someone thinking "Where can I get cheap workers for my cotton fields!?"Www@QuestionHome@Com

The slave trade started in the the early 1500's!.
The First Atlantic System was the trade of African slaves to South America, operated by the Portuguese and Spanish empires!.
the Portuguese contolled most of the slave trade from 1502-1508 until it united with Spain!. Spain employed what was called the 'asiento' system!.
The Second Atlantic System involved the English, Brazilian, French and Dutch traders, the importation of slaves to the Caribbean, Brazil and North America!. Francis Drake and John Hawkins experimented with this trade system!.
The Triangular Trade System, that meant the export of goods from Europe to Africa!. African Kings and merchants took part in the trading of slaves from 1400-1900, for the exchange of goods, guns, ammunition and factory made goods from Europe!.
The enslaved Africans were shipped across the Atlantic to the Caribbean Islands and North America!.
The 3rd and final part was the return of goods to Europe from the Americas- sugar, tobacco, molasses and rum!.
Brazil was the main import of slaves manufactured these goods in South America and directly traded with African ports, did take part in a triangular trade!.
A book by Dr!. Freeman; Badagry, Nigeria Their History in the Atlantic Slave Trade!.
He is also an author of other books and novels!.
The most well know slave port is in Ghana!.
Badagry was a town founded outside of Lagos, Nigeria in 1425 A!.D!.

Badagry had exported no fewer than 550,000 African slaves in 1787 at the time of the American Independence in 1787!.
That was when the slave trade was at its peak!.
Most slaves were from the West Central African countries; Ghana and Nigeria who were former British colonies and Senegal, Togo and Benin who were former French colonies!.

The black African American being descendents from slave from the western African countries still have a resemblance
and alot in common , of course they were originally from West Africa!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

You will find that it was Not All Europeans, many muslims tribes in the north of Africa had a part in selling slaves too!. The were taken to the America's & the West Indies as labour & the unmentionable!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

I think that you will find that slavery existed between Black races before the Whites made it a commercial trade!. This does and never can make it acceptable!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Read Amistad, and google african slave trade it will give you all the information you need!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

When their black countrymen started to sell them!Www@QuestionHome@Com

purple you are way off base !. wen the Africans on the west side first saw whit man they thought them gods !. and the whit man used that !. then later wen trades came the white man used trinkets that sparkled !. most of it was just polished glass !. and because the natives had nothing to trade they used there children !. then as trade grew they began using the ones that were a problem to the tribe and captured ones of other tribes !. ans wen there were no more to trade it was then that the whites began to take by force !. you see the whites used goods to lure in the natives and once the whites seen that the natives were stronger and use to the heat it was the whites that fell into there own trickery !. or addiction as it is !. they used the same trickery with the natives of this land !. and wen it was no longer profitable to wast goods on them they used a new addiction !. alcohol !. and the natives here seen the black men and were not afraid of them !. this aided in the white man to use the blacks to trick the natives here !. Www@QuestionHome@Com

It started when the British colony wanted to expand!. They searched for land to take and found black people!. Finding that they were different (skin) made them think that they were better than the black people!. The British empire made them slaves and sold them - traded to America - which was at the time part of the British Empire!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

slavery still happens now!.
They went to Africa and kidnappened the black and sold them of to the highest bidder!.Www@QuestionHome@Com