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Question: How Did South Africa Become Part Of The British Empire!? !?
I Really Need To Know Soon Please About Any Thing On South Africa In The British EmpireWww@QuestionHome@Com

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It's hard to say!. The History of South Africa is complex!.

Before any Europeans lived there!. Bushman and other African tribes had lived there for thousands of years!.

Then the Dutch came and defeated some of the Bushman, Xhosa and other people living around the Cape of Good Hope!. Then the British came and took over the Dutch Cape Colony during the Napoelonic wars!. The Dutch then migrated to central South Africa so that they can preserve their slavery of African peoples!. During this Trek they bumped into and clashed with many African peoples like the Zulu!.

During this time the British made other colonies and made other native peoples their vassals in South Africa!.

In 1879, they defeated the largest native resistance left!.!. the Zulu Kingdom!. A year later they briefly had a war with the Dutch now called the Boers!.

Then in 1899, the British fought the Boers again over a number of issues such as English rights, gold and diamonds!. The British conquered the Boer Republics in 1902 after a bloody guerrilla campaign!.

In 1910, South Africa became independant and a Dominion of the British EmpireWww@QuestionHome@Com

It was originally a Dutch Boer colony!.

There were several motive for the British Annexation of South Africa!.

1 - The Brits wanted to take it because gold and diamonds could be got there!.

2 - Some also say that the British wanted revenge on the Dutch for their helping the Yanks in the Revolutionary War!.


Britain invaded South AfricaWww@QuestionHome@Com