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Question: If britain had lost the battle of britain and germany had taken the uk there would have been no operation!?
overlord , the allies would have had to come through italy!. would russia have taken all of europe considering much of german resourses would have been based in italy and the resourses for an allied invasion would have to go through africaWww@QuestionHome@Com

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If Britain had fallen in 1940 there would be no allies!.

If Britain had lost the battle of Britain, and the German Army had then succesfully invaded Britain (most historians thnik was very unlikely in reality); then there would be no Britain or Russia!.

Hitler would have been able to turn all his attentions onto Soviet Russia in 1941, he wouldn;t have had to divert resources into the Atlantic War (submarine production) or fight elsewhere!. Furthermore, because Britani would be unable to send troops to fight in the Balkans the Germans wouldn't have had to send troops to fight there, meaning they could have launched Operation Barbarossa (invasion of RUssia) on their original date they had planned for!.

MEANING!? The German Army would have almost certainly have arrived in Moscow before the winter (they were only a bit late as it was), meaning they would have almost certainly been able to take it!.

Meaning the heavily centralised Soviet Union would be doomed!. The loss of moral alone would have been startling!. The Red Army would probably be defeated!.

Meaning that (at the latest) by 1943 the war in the Easy (which had always ben Hitler's amin objective) would have been won!. Can you imagine a Nazi Empire with a massive slave opoulation of over 100 million and resources to plunder or Russia East of the URALS!?

America could never have defeated this Germany (remember the Americans did not help us during battle of britani, and probably would have watched Britain fall without lifting a finger at that time)!.

There would be no massive industrialised state to launch an invasion FROM, no Britain, no launchpad!. IN theory America could have seized the Mediterannean and attacked into Italy!. But what would that entail!?

Facing the Italian army is one thing, but what about the four million (no battle hardened) German troops the high command would have been able to send South into Italy, against the just trained American invasion force fighting thousands of miles from home!?

And this is before you even think about the technological superiority the German war machine had over everyone else!.

Without Britain there would be no free europe, America could never have liberated Europe without the majority of the German army fighting elsewhere!. Just from a logistical point of view, how can you land enough troops to get local superiority at beaches on continental Europe!? It simply would be impossible, the German army was a well oiled, experienced military machine!. I'm not going to go out on a limb and say that the Nazis could have invaded America, but I do ont seriously see how America could defeat Germany with no RUssia or Britani fighting her at the same time!.

Not to mention the fall out across the world from the fall of the British Empire!. DO you really think 500 million Indians are going to keep the old British Imperial adminstration of the Raj!? Or the millions of Africans!? Even America couldn't be that good of a policemen!.

Middle East was in 1940 under British control, this would almost certainly fall into Italian or German hands (or at least influence), meaning!? Not enough Oil to keep America on a war footing for long!.

America would probably have been able to defeat Japan though, for what it's worth!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Whether Operation Sealion would have succeded if the luftwaffe had won the battle of britain is debatable!. The germans only had river barges to ferry men across the channel, and even with air cover they would have been shot to peices!. The Royal Navy at the time possessed an ungodly number of destroyers, which are brilliant at air defence and attack!. If the germans did manage to make a beachhead, it would have been cut off from supplies immediatley by blockade- a Royal Navy specialty!. Britain also had numerous anti-invasion measures in place, and any german troops in britain would have been mowwed down!. Historian agree that Sealion would have been a coslty failure for Germany, so you could say that the Luftwaffe did Hitler a favour by losing the battle of britain!.
In fact I think more important to the war was the 8th army beating the afrika corps at El Alamein, there by preventing the germans from getting their hands on the middle east's oil, opening up a second front on the soviet union, and marching through India to meet up with Japan!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

No, their wouldn't be the operation "Overlord" as it was made, it would have been different!. No doubt it would have been an across the Atlantic Ocean invasion from America against!.!.!. probably Spain of France; hopefully England would have revolted at the time of the invasion, as would France!. I don't think Russia would be able to take over all of Europe, because the number of soldiers that were required to make it too and to take Berlin were atrocious!. They would not have been able to keep it up, especially if they were fighting against the entire German forces instead of half!. The Allies would most certainly of had all their operations transfixed in Africa by Rommel if England were beaten!.!.!. so really, since they weren't, we won!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Invading and holding the U!.K!. is very unlikely!. But if ever Germany did make it, then there will be no Operation Overlord!.
USA can't just swim from New York to Lisbon!. Even if they do try it, they will have no air support which is fatal!.

No Operation Overlord & Britain means USSR must stand alone however, USSR got a chance to hold, counter-attack, march to Berlin (just like in real life), make peace or take the whole Europe!.
What I mean is, during Nazi downfall USSR got the strongest army in the world and the bulk of the German army is in the Eastern Front!.

A broken German Eastern Front = Doom

The big question is when will Operation Barbarossa (Invasion of Russia) will begin and can USSR hold an early offensive!?Www@QuestionHome@Com

Britain's army was not very big!. They had a good air force though!. If Britain had been occupied, the US would still have been in the fight, and probably would have built air bases in Italy!. Www@QuestionHome@Com