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Question: Did people ask the soldiers if they knew what anastasia, the russian princess!?
i'm studying her right now and i'm wondering if they asked the army what happened to anastasia because then it would determine whether or not annna anderson is an imposterWww@QuestionHome@Com

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Yes the Russian soldiers did say what happened!. The reason her body and that of her brother were not with the rest of the family is that they fell off the cart as they were being brought to the spot they were to be buried at!. The bodies were later found and taken to an abandoned mine shaft but the soldiers were unable to collapse the mine with grenades so they took the bodies and buried them in a different location!. This was kept secret for a long time because they feared being punished for their mistake!. Anna Anderson was proved to be a fake, she was in reality a Polish woman who had worked at a munitions plant, while she never recante4d her story it was proven to be a lie!.Www@QuestionHome@Com


without a doubt anna anderson was an imposter

DNA Testing
In 1991, the bodies of the royal family were exhumed, and it was discovered that the bodies of Alexei, and one of his sisters, identified as Grand Duchess Maria Nikolaevna of Russia by Russian scientists and as Grand Duchess Anastasia by American scientists, were not in the grave!. The mitochondrial DNA of the bones unearthed from a forest grave, presumed to be those of Alexandra and three of her daughters, were compared to that of the Duke of Edinburgh, whose maternal grandmother Princess Victoria of Hesse and the Rhine was a sister of Alexandra!. This proved to be a match!.

Anderson's tissue sample was later discovered stored at Martha Jefferson Hospital!. Anderson’s DNA was compared with those of the Romanovs, at the suggestion of Marina Botkin Schweitzer, the daughter of Gleb Botkin!. Anderson’s DNA sample did not match that of the Duke of Edinburgh or that of the bones, meaning that the tissue sample tested belonging to Anderson could not have belonged to Anastasia!.

On August 23, 2007, a Russian archaeologist announced the discovery of two burned, partial skeletons at a bonfire site near Yekaterinburg that appeared to match the site described in Yurovsky's memoirs!. The archaeologists said the bones are from a boy who was roughly between the ages of 10 and 13 years at the time of his death and of a young woman who was roughly between the ages of 18 and 23 years old!. Anastasia was 17 years, one month old at the time of the assassination, while her sister Maria was 19 years, one month old, and her brother Alexei was two weeks shy of his 14th birthday!. Anastasia's elder sisters Olga and Tatiana were 22 and 21 years old at the time of the assassination!. Along with the remains of the two bodies, archaeologists found "shards of a container of sulfuric acid, nails, metal strips from a wooden box, and bullets of various caliber!." The bones were found using metal detectors and metal rods as probes!. Tests have been repeatedly and independently conducted on the remains to determine that they are the remains of the two missing Romanov children!.

Preliminary testing indicated a "high degree of probability" that the remains belong to the Tsarevich Alexei and to one of his sisters, Russian forensic scientists announced on January 22, 2008!. The testing began in late December 2007 and was originally scheduled to be completed by February 2008!. However, scientists with the Sverdlovsk Regional Medical Forensic Bureau and a Moscow laboratory were still conducting testing!. One report indicated uncertainty about when the final report will be released!.The Yekaterinburg region's chief forensic expert Nikolai Nevolin indicated the results will be compared against those obtained by foreign experts and a final report could be issued by April or May of 2008!.On April 30, 2008, The Associated Press, BBC, Reuters, CBS, CNN and other news organisations reported that the regional governor for the Ekaterinburg, Russia, area, officially announced that the DNA tests indeed proved that the fragments found in 2007 were those of the last two missing children, declaring

“ Now we have the whole family!.”

Independent DNA testing carried out by the University of Massachusetts Medical School, USA, made public in July 2008, on the final two remains confirmed the earlier Russian findings that the last two remains were indeed members of the Romanov family murdered in the Ipatiev House in Ekaterinburg!.All members of Nicholas II's immediate family have now accounted for officially!.