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Question: How much is a newspaper of the titanic from 1912 worth!?
I just found it!. it's from my great grandmother house, some how made it to my grandparents house when she moved, and now made it to my house when my grandparents are moving!. they left it on the back porch with a bunch of other stuff they don't want!. it's from 1912 and is about the titanic (on the front page) and it tells what happened and has a picture, all in black and white!.


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The Biggest Money Comes By Accident
Keep it in a fireproof safe!. Pass it down to your family for generations!. Like most collectibles, it is best to insure them, as the maximum money is only received when you get the appraised value!. This is especially true for jewerly! At this point in time it is not worth as much you would hope!. There is a low demand!. The more that people want something, the more they are willing to pay!. (See website below) However if you consider the purchase price, percentage wise it is amazing its worth!. Hang on to it!. One day, when people are like, "What is a newspaper!?" (It could happen: ask the nearest seven year old what a typewriter is) It will be worth so much more!. also it is a value in itself, a piece of our history!. I would much rather look at it and hold it in my hand- the money you could exchange it for seems like nothing in comparison!.

My grandpa told me the most valuable information when my grandma was on a beanie baby buying spree!. "Things that are sold as "collectibles" are not where the big money is!. The things that most people have either use them or thrown out because they did not want them at the time ARE!." I asked him if he meant like stamps!? He said!. "When I was a kid, we bought baseball cards for the GUM, when we got tired of looking at the cards, we threw them away!. THOSE were the cards that are worth money!. Not the ones that they keep making now!." also think of rookie cards that rose sharply in value after a baseball player broke a record!.
In Toy Story 2, remember how Stinky Pete was still in the box!? It was not like someone kept him in the box because they hoped he would be worth something someday and complete a collection!. LOL!. It was because someone did not want him, while most other kids took him out to play with him!. Knowing this information helps pack rats out with their cause!. he-he!.
I hope that you are disappointed!. You did the right thing to keep it, but right now, you will loose money if you sell it!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

You'll need to determine for sure that it's an authentic 1912 printing!. There were many reprintings in later years of newspapers reporting important 20th century events, including the sinking of the Titanic, the bombing of Pearl Harbor, etc!. The reprints, in general, are worthless to collectors!. Original editions would indeed be worth something to collectors!.

If it's from a local newspaper, it's more likely to be an original, since reprints are usually from major metropolitan newspapers, such as the New York Times!.

The bottom line--don't get overly excited about your find until you determine that it is indeed authentic!. Even then, it's unlikely to make you rich!. Lots of people set aside newspapers that report important events!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

If it's genuine you're looking at a nice helping of cash!Www@QuestionHome@Com

a lot of mulahWww@QuestionHome@Com