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Question: If some one was really, really good at history, what is he!?
For example, remembering trivial details and everything with little effort and studying!.

Like, I read about the Theory of Multiple Intelligences and stuff!. How can you categorize someone who is really good at social science!. There are people who are good at math!. People who are good at language and literature!. etc Www@QuestionHome@Com

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History is not trivia!. History is what historians say and write about the past!. If somebody is good at remembering trivial details, it means only that!. To be "really, really good at history," you have to be able to take those details and build a critical story!. This always involves recognizing your own politics and perspectives in the present!.

At this point, History is much closer to Literature and the Humanities than it is to social science!. Part of this is due to the wave of literary and postmodern theory that has affected how historians go about telling their stories!. But by and large, the field of history no longer embraces the idea that "just the facts" is a plausible idea!. Facts don't speak for themselves, and the past does not speak for itself; we speak for them!. We make sense of them from our own positions in the present!.

If all you do is memorize trivial details, you're no better than The Schwab!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

One could say, "I am an excellent Historian"

I am a social scientist also i am a mathematician and a linguist!.

So you just turn it into the proffesion

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good historianWww@QuestionHome@Com