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Question: In the 1950's, did school students learn very much about World War Two!? Particularly in Australia, America!?
I was just wondering whether it was a topic of discussion in the 1950's, particularly in relation to the censorship of books, and the religious differences, and the censorship of Judaism!.
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My mom told me yes they did, she learned about the Holocaust and other things!. As a history major believe me you have more censorship in the 2000's then in the 1950's!. Be careful because the socialist are rewriting history to met their views!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

In the US, history was slanted towards men so we only learned what roles white men had in the war, very little attention was given to specific ethnic groups and I did not know till much later that we had whole platoons of Japanese Americans fighting in the war, nor did I know that there were women and black who played key roles in the outcome of it!.

It was a very clean time and we had freedom of religion to such a degree that we were able to write on different religious beliefs for a class project!. We actually sang Christmas Carols with God and Jesus in them in our public schools!. Graduation ceremonies always started with prayers!.

While there was, unfortunately, a few who felt blacks and Jewish people brought poverty to the area, it was also very well known that most of the Jewish people were well educated and often excelled in the arts!.

Books that were censored had sexual themes or scenes in them and deemed unfit for people under 18 to read!.

One of the things that was interesting was that I learned the organ was considered an instrument of the devil and not permitted in many of our early churches!.

At that time the Indians were still be blamed for scalping people and it was not taught that this was done by white men!.