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Question: Has the world always been on the edge of the end of the world!?
As long as I've been alive there's always been this mass paranoia that the earth is going to be destroyed!. The cold war spawned paranoia of WW3, after that it way Y2K, now its the environment yada yada yada!. Through all of recorded history is this been the same general fears by the various civilizations just in different forms!. I heard that people were afraid in the years 999 for example!. What about in the years 542, or 1139, or 234 bc, or 1542 were people just a paranoid about the end of the world like people seem to be today!?Www@QuestionHome@Com

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For a long time there has always been at least one or two people preaching that the world would end in their generation!. Perhaps not always the mass panic as it has started in the last few generations (during which humans themselves acquired powers to end it, insted of being forced to rely upon acts of god, nature, etc!.), but as you put other examples!.!.!. This is hardly the first time/s we have thought the end was near!. Plenty of people I know thought we were closer to the end more around the cold war and all then we are currently!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Science says that still there are millions of years for the end of this world!. But people seems worrying without belief in the statement of science!. If all people of the world happen to believe that the world will end within few years what would be the result!? There is possibility for destruction!. Why!? It is like throwing the spell themselves on them and induce the disaster!. If all people think so, all spirits of the world will take it as people's wish and cause destruction!. People do not know the power of human minds, I mean, their minds!. This may sound crazy or idiotic but there is fact in it!. "Don't scar others and don't get scared" only this must be the thoughts in our minds in the present situation!. Www@QuestionHome@Com

People fool themselves into thinking they can predict when the end will come!. Some people are foolish enough to think they can interpret The Bible to figure out when the world will end even though it clearly states that nobody knows when it will happen!. This has been going on for thousands of years, it's sort of like the old saying "live every day as if it were your last for one day you're sure to be right", the trouble is that when the end does come all those predicting the correct date will not be able to say "I told you so" because nobody will be left!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Well, I didn't live thousands of years ago,,, or even hundred !.!.!. so I can only speak for now!. I do not believe that the world was as bad back then!. They didn't have all these things we have to deal with now!.!.!. We have pollution, presidents, cars, electricity, etc!.etc!.etc!. So!.!.!. if you just look at the bible, it tells you that all these things shall come to pass!. It is only going to get worse!. So, saddle upWww@QuestionHome@Com

back in those years you mentioned Biblical prophecy was coming true but it's coming to a head now!.!.!.so many things predicted in the book of revelation is here and NOW!.
And even though something catastrophic will happen!.!.God never said that He will destroy the whole earth!. But what is coming!.!.IS coming!.!.!.and IN THIS lifetime!.
I don't fear it!. I await it!.

God BlessWww@QuestionHome@Com

Suggestion: read the book:
Century's End by Hillel Schwartz
It is a scholarly study of world people's fears of the end of the world for the last thousand yearsWww@QuestionHome@Com

the end of the world comes to those who past to the after life, or death for the more simpler folks out there!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

This is totally what I've always told to myself!.
nice question manWww@QuestionHome@Com

Creating fear has always been a way of controlling people!.

The Earth will not end!. What will end will be the existence of humans!. We are here only as long as the planet will support us!. Just ask your friendly neighborhood dinosaur!.


EDIT: To nornor
Pollution and disease were worst back then because there was no way to treat pollution!. Human Waste was thrown out the front door right in the street!. Even as late as the 1940s in the USA less than 60% of the people had indoor plumbing!.

They had worst than presidents!. If the royal master did not like how you bowed down to him you were executed!. It you did not pay what tax he said you owed, you were executed!.
Get the point!?

To Martillo
I worked on the Y2K project!. All of us working on it knew there was not going to be any mass destruction!. You didn't look at the underlying reasons!.

Our computer systems (mainframes and PC) were lagging behind the rest of the world in technology!. Our communications systems were falling apart!. Corporate executives put the money in profits instead of maintaining and developing new systems!. (I can give you more details if you want)

The Y2K bug would only attack maybe 1% of desktops and very few mainframes!. The panic was created to get the money we needed to upgrade, develop or replace systems
so we could be compatible with the rest of the world!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Yes, much of the time (A!.D!.) has been on edge of the end of the world because it has been foretold from God to His prophets!. People know this, and have known that after Jesus ascended to heaven it could happen anytime!.
As for me, I am not paranoid!. I know what has to happen, and ever since the rebirth of Israel in 1948, the time clock was set ticking!. Israel is the key!.!.!.as it goes with that tiny nation, so it goes with the world!. Why do you suppose most nations are at odds with Israel!?!
Here's a hint: if you are not with Israel, you are against her!. If you are against her, you have set yourself against God!. Look at what happened as a result of the Road Map to Peace in the Middle East drawn up by President GW Bush!. Israel gave up Gaza and the West Bank!. Shortly thereafter, Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon (who agreed to the carving up of Israel's territory) suffered a massive stroke!. The US was hit with Hurricane Katrina, and from that point on, the American people completely turned on President George W Bush!.!.!.who has become one of the most hated Presidents of all time!.
So much so, that they are willing to put a detrimental man in the Oval Office just because he is so opposite of the Republican Party!.!.!.and for that reason alone!. The key word has been "CHANGE" and although people do not understand the real reasons why, they go along with it!.
Do you think all of this is coincidence!? Hah, no such thing as coincidences!.
If you think GW's Road Map brought judgment to the US, watch what happens if Obama (clearly not a friend of Israel) gets into office!.
Anyway, that remains to be seen!.
All the dominoes are lined up!. Whether you believe it or not, is not the issue!. What is, is!.
As I said, I am not paranoid!. Knowledge and understanding of God's word completely irradicates fear!. While I live and am responsible while I am on this planet, I also look up for I know my redemption draws nigh (and is so for all of God's people!.) We do not know the actual day or the hour, but God told us what season, and specifically what to watch for!.!.!.and we are definitely in that season!.

JESUS CHRIST IS LORD!.Www@QuestionHome@Com