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Question: Is Martin Luther King, Jr!. really respected by African-Americans!?
Ok, I would like to say that I respect Dr!. King immensely!.

In his famous speech, he dreamed that one day his children would be judged on the content of their characters and not on the color of their skin!. He also preached non-violence as the way to get things done!. I look at Obama running for president and "oh look he's an African-American running for president, let's vote for him, even though we can't pin him down on the real issues!." And then I look at his reverend preaching violence from the pulpit!. I see it in jobs too--"Well, because of Affirmative Action, I had to hire her, because of the color of her skin!. No, she's not better qualified!."

I genuinely am confused as to why, if Dr!. King is respected, why his teachings are not followed!. Please enlighten me!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

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Because it use to be about his teachings and now it's not!. I don't mean to sound racist but it has become only about the issue of race!. Things are done unfairly because of either fear that you may be a called a racist or if you don't comply no one thinks it was based on the actual issues like qualifications!. You can't win and you can only lose so I say be fair about things because then it's really not a race issue!.

I also think that is why many people are voting for Obama and I'm sorry this is my political view, but I think he dances around the issues and I do believe he is trying to change the country socialist which I am NOT for!. I don't agree with his policies at all and if you look at the past it shows clearly when changes made positive and negative impacts, it's funny how he says "oh well" and chooses those changes that made negative impacts!.


I'm sorry if many people think I am racist I am not in fact my Aunt Beverly is black, I'm not a racist person at all!. I'm not voting for those reasons above and only I did NOT mention race to make that clear!. And i really think people need to step away from that issue and just simply promote the teachings of DR!. KING like you said of "Peace and Equality" those are the issues that need to be addressed!!Www@QuestionHome@Com

Whoa - the fellow preaching violence from the pulpit was not Obama!. And Obama is not responsible for what other people say!. If you read the accounts carefully, you'll know that Obama repudiated that preacher and has long since been attending another church!.
As for affirmative action - sure, maybe it sucks right now, but there are hundreds of years of inequality to catch up on!. Giving a bit of an edge to people of color is helping to even things up - and it will all even out eventually!.
Martiin Luther KIing, Jr!. is respected by ALL Americans - no matter what their racial origin!. Www@QuestionHome@Com

There was a break down in the Civil Rights movement in the mid 1960s due to the many agendas of the numerous civil rights groups!. Dr!. King's assassination and the growing frustration of African American who had become disenchanted with waiting for equality unfortunately erupted in violence!. Riots broke out nation wide like in Detroit in 1967!. Dr!. King wasn't the only African Amercan leader during this time!. Groups ranged from the NAACP to Malcomb X, it really was at once a hopeful time and a very discouraging time depending on which leader you looked to!. I bet you would find that respect for Dr King crosses all color, gender, and religious lines!. , Www@QuestionHome@Com