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Question: Jack the ripper!.!.!. Does anyone know information about vic!. Catherine Eddowes!?
I was wondering if anyone had information about Catherine Eddowes the 4th victim of Jack the ripper!. she gave her name as Mary Kelly the night she died and Mary Kelly was found more gruesome and similar patters except i feel Catherine was a 'accidental' victim!.

also i was wondering if anyone knew or felt, James Kenneth Stephen, Was likely the ripper!?

Does anyone know what happened to Catherine's family and daughter!? Are there living family relatives still in england!?

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Read 'From Hell' by Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell!. Unlike the film version it's hugely detailed and comes with comprehensive historical notes at the back, and is I think the best introduction to Ripper-lore one could ask for, as well as being a staggeringly good book in its own rite!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

I've looked everywhere about her kids but apparently, since she was an alcoholic, the father had taken custody of her three children !Www@QuestionHome@Com