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Question: What were Winston Churchill's accomplishments!?
I need at least 3 accomplishments that Churchill has done in the past!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

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He took the seat as Prime Minister as France was falling, trapping the British Expeditionary Forces and was responsible for evacuating those forces from the beaches of France!.

It was Churchill who chose Gen!. Dwight D!. Eisenhower (U!.S!. Army) to lead the D-Day Invasions!.

In his second term as Prime Minister, he was responsible for the construction of what is now Heathrow Airport!. Originally, he sold the public on the idea that it would be a military base for flights headed to Asia!. The military never moved to the new airbase!. The airport got it's name from the mid evil village that existed there and had to be bull dozed in to make way for it!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

I know that Churchill spoke up against a lot of people, and said, long before the war actually broke out, that there would become a war and that Hitler was no good!.

Here is a quote from something churchill have said: "I like pigs!. Cats look down at us, dogs look up to us, but pigs treats us as equals"

Too many to recount here!. Google up Winston Churchill and you'll find numerous sites that will outline his many accomplishmentsWww@QuestionHome@Com