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Question: Are your American politicians copying our Mexican recent history!?
A few weeks ago, I was watching the "Notifiero", a Friday midnight program on Mexican TV where a journalist dressed as a clown, with a fake voices satires and ridiculizes the most important news of the week!. So he was talking about the bankruptcy of the American bank system, and how Mr!. George Bush asked the congress to use public funds to save the banking system!.!.!.!. He actually was describing very accurately what had happened that week, when suddently he made a pause, and with a change in his voice asked: Doesn-t this sound familiar to you!? Have you ever experienced anything like this!? Yessss, he answered his own question, this what is happening in the US is nothing but a copy of our infamous FOBAPROA, used in the fiancial collapse of 1994 (see Fobaproa on wikipedia)!.

Lately, I have been following the news of the US presidential race and, once again, it seems a copy of what we expierenced 2 years ago!. Two candidates, one proclaiming to be the candidate of change, considered by every poll to win the election; the other, feeling himself lost, using all he can, the old government, the rich class, a dirty campaign of attacks (he is a communist, friend of Hugo Chavez, a threat for Mexico!)!.

Well, from our Mexican experience, I draw a conclusion: be prepared for a sorprise on election day!. Our president-s candidate won a not so clean election based on fear, the "I did not dare" vote decided the Mexican election!. Are you gonna copy us in that part too!?Www@QuestionHome@Com

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I didn't take this question as an attack on the U!.S!. and he wasn't asking if we are purposefully copying Mexico, but asking if we are aware that some of these issues are occurring here!. I think that we should examine what goes on in other countries so that we can see the signs of potential abuses or violations occurring here and remedy them before it is too late!. Part of making this country great is questioning the policies of the government and voting for candidates that align with our values!. I do see the similarities in the situations that the question posits!. As a matter of fact, I remember visiting my father in Mexico in 2000 and watching the news every night in total disbelief that the election was such a mess and he made the comment "and you always complain about our government here in Mexico! It looks like the same thing is going on over there!." And you know what!? He was right!. It was a corrupt election!. And now, even though there will likely be some abuses in the upcoming election, people are much more aware and ready to combat those abuses!. Part of being a good citizen is to ensure that we hold our representative government accountable to the highest standards and that they observe the rule of law!. I also agree about the comment that we may be sadly surprised on election day!. I won't say who I'm voting for, but I hope that whoever wins wins legitimately!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

We don't copy any sh** from you!. They are just coincidences and happen all over the world actually, in many other countries where a leader promises change and then fu*** over everyone in the end!. Did that mean that you copied from them!?!?!? It's not as if Americans have gotten together and made up a plan to copy Mexico!. The electon is NOT based on a conspiracy and the outcome in no way can be copied on purpose!. Seriously, I'm sick of all this anti-American bull****!.!.!.everyone ******* talking about the US being a crappy country and all the things that we do "wrong" when there are other countries who actually do way worse things than we do, as in kill thousands of their own people and refuse to do anything about!. Places where people are dying from disease and starvation and their governemt doesnt do anything about!. Maybe you should be talking sh** about those countries!. There are worse things to friggin' complain about!. And it's on a Mexican channel and not to say that Mexicans are liars cuz I don't think that but of course it's going to have a biased opinion of what is going on here in America to try and say that American isn't all that it's cracked up to be and "Oh the US thinks it's so great, we should try to bring them down and give them a bad name!." You even said yourself that the show "satires and ridiculizes" the news!. Seriously, I'm sick of reading all about how shitty the US is!. I admit that we're not the best country around but actually no country is!. Like I said before, go talk trash to other countries who are really doing something wrong!.

EDIT: Well, I'm guessing that Portland is from Mexico or is a Mexican-American as well as the poster of this question!. Even though he says "if we are not copying" ("we" as in the US), he also used the word "Gabacho" which is a derogatory term for white Americans!. See, gaining up on the US to try and make us look like sh**!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Thank you for the link!. I read it with interest, and found that the similarities are so great, that if we are not copying the Mexican script, then the amazing similarities as so great and so recent that any Gabacho who fails to read read up on this is doing himself and his family an ostrich head in the sand disservice!.

Einstein once defined madness as doing the same thing over and over while expecting a different result!.Www@QuestionHome@Com