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Question: What is the compromise of 1877!?
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Following the controversial election of 1876 Rutherford B!. Hayes came in second place to Samuel J!. Tilden!. But Tilden did not have enough electoral votes to push him over the top since election results in three states were in dispute!. In order to avoid a lenghtly process of resolution, Congress opted instead to establish a committee to resolve the election dispute and the questionable election results from the three states in question!. The committee ended up consisting of 8 Republicans and 7 Democrats (5 from the House, 5 from the Senate, and 5 from the Supreme Court!.) To the surprise of no one the Republican-dominated committee opted to award the votes in question to the Republican candidate Rutherford B!. Hayes!. Tilden's supporters (mostly from the South) were incensed and wanted blood!. As a result a compromise was reached known as the Compromise of 1877!. The terms of the Compromise were as follows:

1!. Hayes wins the presidency!.
2!. The North would withdraw military troops from the Reconstruction South, thus ending military Reconstruction and allowing the South to go back to intimidating, beating, and killing freedmen (former slaves!.)
3!. The South was also promised a southern railroad route (since they were still angry that the North got the transcontinental railroad route back in the early 1860s!.

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its the compromise that ended the reconstruction (it settled the 1876 presidential election dispute)